Get ready for belfie season with a butt facial

Eiza GonzalezAre you planning on following the celeb trend of posting belfies this summer? Do you want to show off your posterior assets with selfies of your pompis? 'Cause you may want to consider getting a butt facial. Yes, butt facials exist and they seem to have come about because there was a demand for them, which in an era of cheeky oversharing makes total sense. I mean think about it, it's not just your face that is prone to breakouts, right?


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Let's talk about the birth of the butt facial. The bootifying treatment came about because a customer approached Molly from Skin by Molly in Williamsburg, New York. The client complained about having acne on her tush and Molly knew just what to do. She created a 30 minute treatment that costs $65 called the "Shiney Hiney" that is "like a facial...except for your bum."  She says, "Hey, skin is skin, I got no judgment. Acne can flare up anywhere."

Well done, Molly; way to identify a need and create a solution.

Perhaps you do not live near the area where the "Shiney Hiney" is offered. If you are intereted in buffing your bum, I would suggest that you ring up your local area skin care salons or spas and see if they can get your butt ready for a close-up belfie.

I can't even manage to get regular pedicures, so I doubt my tired ass will be getting primped anytime soon. No belfies for me.

Image via eizagonzalez/Instagram

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