I'm not going to lie, it took me a really long time before I finally started using a diffuser. Unlike most curly haired chicas, I didn't have a clue how to use this thing. I'd seen it in the beauty supply stores and in the hair tools section of my local drugstores, but to me it was that strange blow dryer attachment that only pros know how to use.

That all changed after I took a trip to the Devachan salon back in 2010 and saw how the stylist magically dried my curls into perfection using a diffuser attachment. I was in love. Not only did it dry my hair, but it also reduced frizz, maximized shine, defined my curls and added va-va-voom volume! Since then, my days of walking around with soaked wet curls have been gone. But the new challenge became, how do I know which one of these diffusers works best for me?

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See that's the thing: Not all diffusers are made the same. There are ionic ones, interchangeable ones, ones that work best for boosting volume and ones that are amazing at fighting frizz. It sort of all depends on what your curl needs are. Here are some of the best ones out there!

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Frizz fighter 1

Frizz fighter

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The DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser ($45) is hands down one of the best diffusers out there. It features a patented 360-degree airflow to help keep frizz out. But you NEED a lot of patience with this one. You have to dry curls in sections and each for a couple of minutes to maintain the best results. It's totally worth it though!


Fast Drying 2

Fast Drying

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Pressed for time? Try the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Universal Finger Diffuser ($12). This thing helps lift curls and adds volume while infrared heat penetrates--perfect for quick drying!


No air-flow 3

No air-flow

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The YS Park Ion Diffuser ($25) is the first of its kind. Its sock style releases heat but with no airflow, meaning NO frizz whatsoever. This thing is amazing!

Volume booster 4

Volume booster

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All diffusers help boost volume, but not quite like the Conair Pro Volumizing Diffuser ($10). The long, extender fingers help to lift and separate hair while the rubber tips grip hair directly at the roots.


Wave maker 5

Wave maker

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Want waves? The T3 Soft Touch 2' Diffuser ($30) can transform even the straightest strands into silky, beach waves. It also leaves hair super soft and shiny!


Interchange 6


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Don't worry about overheating your diffuser or your hair dryer. The Elchim USA Bidiffusore Diffuser ($30) comes with two interchangeable grills that allow you to set your dryer at its maximum temperature without overheating. Who even knew this thing existed?