Woman's belly button explodes on flight after botched plastic surgery

Patricia Jackson was on a flight from Portugal to England when her belly button exploded! AHHHH!!! The 68-year-old grandmother was returning to her home in Yorkshire after a vacation when her navel "erupted." This is freaking me out. Oh, and her gut started to leak and smelled so bad that other passengers complained. I feel awful for her. She had to have a flight attendant help her dress the wound repeatedly until they landed.

For crying out loud, how does something like this happen? I'll tell you why, Jackson had a botched tummy tuck in 2005. Because of cosmetic surgery! And you know tummy tucks are particularly popular with mommies, right? Wait, 'til you find out the details.


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Jackson lost a significant amount of weight, but was feeling self-concious because of the saggy skin that was left around her belly. She decided to get a tummy tuck to remove the extra skin and tighten the muscles in her abdomen. Well, surgeons did that, but they left her without a visible belly button.

Jackson was told that there was not enough skin left after the procedure to create a belly button. I guess that happens sometimes. But they were wrong. Her belly button wasn't gone, they left it inside of her on accident! She's had all kinds of complications because of it and ultimately it ended up exploding on a plane. Absolutely horrifying!!!

For her pain and suffering she has been awarded about $37,000. Not enough in my opinion. Pobrecita!

Ay, mamas this is important stuff to take note of. Cosmetic surgery is not to be taken lightly. Cuidado, okay?

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