Lace-front eyebrows are crazy & creepy!

I'm all for bold, big brows but I feel like women are taking the trend a little bit too far. It's getting so out of control that some women are even wearing lace-front eyebrows. Yes, lace-front eyebrows. Seriously, how weird is that? And I thought brow transplants were crazy!


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Ever heard of lace-front wigs? Well lace-front brows consist of a similar concept. With a lace-front wig, you slip on a wig cap and then apply glue or tape to get the wig to stick on. Unlike regular wigs, lace-fronts look a lot more natural. You can even wear a hair part with some of them. With lace-front brows, since you can't cover your real brows with a "cap," they come with special adhesives that you stick on to the back of the strip. This is what gets them to lay and stay put right on top of your natural brows. I'm sorry, but this just sounds gross to me!

Apparently the lace-front brows were originally created for women who lost brow hairs during chemo but now it's appealing to chicas with very thin brows that want a fuller and bolder look. I get the concept behind this whole thing, but these lace-front brows just look creepy to me. Not to mention, messy with all that fuzz, adhesive and glue going on. What was so wrong with brow pencils? Did they not do the trick?

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