SEE: Brazilian man almost killed by plastic surgery but he won't stop until he looks like Ken

Just when I thought the "Human Barbie" was the weirdest human on the planet, I learn that there is a Brazilian man who turned himself into a Ken doll. Rodrigo Alves started his transformation 10 years ago and after spending over $100,000, he says he is STILL not done. Alves claims that he always hated his nose and after falling into a relative's inheritance, he managed to get that fixed.

However after having the surgery he decided he wanted more and wasn't going to stop until he looked "perfect." Oh geez, another one of those...


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After the first nose job, Alves had two more done and also had a jaw liposuction, six-pack implants, liposuction, arm fillers, leg implants, botox, even hair implants. He says he thinks the ideal man is "Ken," as in Barbie's boyfriend, and won't stop at anything to look like him. He finally got the scare of a lifetime when he almost died during a recent operation.

He was getting implants on his biceps, triceps, and shoulders with silicone when the chemicals from the substance leaked into his body causing swelling to the point that he couldn't bathe or feed himself. When he was admitted to the hospital to drain the fluids, doctors say  they nearly had to amputate his arm because he was at risk of dying. "I was extremely depressed. I would just pray and cry. It was definitely a lesson to me, but I always want more," he said.

He luckily recovered but despite the health risks, he plans on getting a fourth nose job. The good news is that Alves was recently diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder claims and is getting treatment for his condition. People with BDD tend to become obsessed with a flaw on their body and excessively try to change it.

Whenever I hear of stories such as this one it makes me question why these people don't have family and friends who don't try to stop them. One nose job is fine, but if you're having numerous ones, there is something wrong there! For goodness sakes, this man almost died during a cosmetic procedure and you would think doctors would realize he has a serious mental health condition. I really hope therapy helps this man out because he cannot continue putting himself at risk this way.

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