Curly Q: My curls act buck wild during the hot, humid summertime. Any styles out there that can help tame them?


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I've been having way too many good hair days in the last few weeks and it's really starting to worry me. Why? Because it's only a matter of time before the real humid weather starts to come and frizz the hell out of my curls. Humidity is a big problem for us chicas with naturally curly hair. We can't wear our hair blown out straight and even if we wear it curly it's still hard to tame. It's a lose-lose situation. So how do you keep your rizos in check when it's hot and humid out?

I've found that the only way to avoid a bad curly hair day on a humid day is with a cool hairstyle. Sorry girl, but sometimes wearing your hair loose just isn't an option. Plus, these hairstyles are so cute and chic! Don't have the patience to deal with your hair? Relax and try one of these super simple do's!

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