Fight an oily scalp with these 3 NATURAL remedies

I swear, sometimes my scalp is bipolar. During the fall and winter seasons, it's crazy dry and flaky, but once spring hits it's oily. I can't ever win! I've been getting tired of spending loads of money on special scalp treatments that were costing me 50 bucks and more so I decided to DIY it. After all, there has to be some natural ingredient that can treat an oily scalp!


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Last winter I remember banishing my dry scalp with apple cider vinegar, so I decided to check out what might work for a oily scalp problem. To my surprise, apple cider vinegar also treats oily scalp, along with a whole bunch of other natural ingredients. But how? Apparently it helps balance the pH in your scalp that leads to various issues. So awesome, right? It's not the only natural ingredient out there that cures oily scalp. Here are a few other all-natural fixes!

Apple cider vinegar: ACV does wonders for your scalp and hair. It not only helps balance the pH but it washes away product build up, oil and dirt without drying out your hair. It also conditions you strands and leaves them full of shine. I'm hooked! Add one cup to a quart-size container of water.

Lemon juice: The acid in lemon makes it a great oily scalp treatment. I like to dilute the juice from two lemons into a full glass of water. I rinse it over my hair and then massage my scalp for like two minutes. Then shampoo, condition and style as usual. It smells way better than ACV too!

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is another great ingredient for oily scalp. I like to take some of the sticky gel from the crystals and wash my hair with it just like this. Works everytime. You can also add it to your favorite shampoo.

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