The 10 best & biggest REAL butts in Hollywood

There's a reason why Serena Williams has no problem walking down a beach in a teeny tiny bikini. The woman has an incredible bod! The 32-year-old athlete was seen on Wednesday showing off her figure in Miami, Florida and holy crap does she have a booty! I don't know if it's just good genes, daily squats or a combination of both, but the girl has the toniest big butt I've ever seen in my entire life!

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Seriously, take a good look at that thing! It looks hard as a rock and you can TOTALLY tell it's all natural. Well she's not the only celeb with some serious junk in the trunk. Check out a few of our favorite celebs who were actually born with really big butts!

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Add Comment Which celeb do you think has the best butt?


I think Beyonce does hehe 


I think they're all awesome butts lol...but I was shocked to see a 27M insurance on JLos butt, wow! 

Lucky them for having such great butts.



Beyonce does :)

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tracee ellis ross

Serena Williams, butt & bust.

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