Earth Day is officially here and what better time them now to start  going green? After a difficult health year, I've been slowly trying to transition to a much greener life. First I went organic with my foods, then my cleaning products and now I'm considering switching some of my hair products too. But now that everyone's going green these days it's hard to distinguish what's actually "organic" and what was just slapped on with a label. Seriously, what do organic hair products really mean?


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So here's the thing: Regular shampoos and conditioners are filled with harmful ingredients like sulfates, silicones, parabens and other synthetic chemicals that can strip our hair of its natural oils, leaving our strands dry and many times damaged. Ever used a shampoo that made your hair feel a lot drier than usual? Chances are there was a ton of bad ingredients in it. That's why organic shampoos and conditioners are so appealing, because they're made to cleanse, condition AND nourish your hair back to health using all natural ingredients. How awesome is that?

Here are a few organic hair products definitely worth trying out!

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