Make-UNDERS are a beauty trend I can believe in!

Was anyone else shocked by how natural-looking Nicki Minaj looked at the 2013 MTV Music Awards? I mean let's be honest here, the girl was unrecognizable. I almost couldn't handle it. Don't get me wrong--she looked GREAT!

In fact, she looked way better than she's ever looked before. I loved the dress, loved the hair, and loved the barely-there makeup look. But I'm curious has to what inspired this drastic change and why are a ton of other celebs having make-unders done now too?


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When I think of natural beauty, stars like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga don't exactly come to mind. They're known for their borderline drag-queenish makeup, they're outrageous wigs and their colorful costumes. So why the sudden change? Well they're not the only ones sporting bare-faces and natural hair these days.

Beyonce recently posted some pictures of herself vacationing in Dominican Republic with hubby Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy with wild curly hair and not a drop of makeup on. She even went au naturale when she joined her sister Solange for a Coachella performance this past weekend. Could this be the latest beauty trend?

Well one thing for sure, there's no better time to go bare-faced than for spring and summer. Seriously, who wants to walk around with a face caked with makeup and filled with sweat? Not cute! And if you look back at some of the runway shows for spring 2014 it was all about natural beauty—everything from clean faces, to thick brows and natural hair textures were on full display!

"Doing as little as possible but still looking good is the most modern thing that you can do right now," says celebrity hair stylist Guido Palau. I really couldn't agree more. Not to mention, it definitely takes off the pressure to always looked primped and polish. Heck, sometimes I just want to leave my house with nothing on without having to feel like I'm committing some sort of beauty crime. I think the only thing I'll be carrying in my purse these days is a concealer stick, mascara and some nude lipgloss thank you very much!

Image via Getty Images, Beyonce/Instagram


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