Curly Qs: What are the best natural treatments for curly hair?

Curly Q: I've been spending a ton of money on conditioning treatments and restorative hair masks. Are there any natural DIY remedies out there that work just as well?

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Of course there is girl! I've been doing DIY remedies on my curls myself not just to save myself a few bucks, but also because I've been trying to take the more natural route when it comes to my haircare routine. You'd be surprised how well most of these treatments work. In fact, I find that using all-natural ingredients sometimes gives me even better results than splurging on fancy hair products. Here are a few goods ones that I absolutely swear by!

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Add Comment What kind of natural treatments do you like using on your curls?
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Add Comment What kind of natural treatments do you like using on your curls?


These are great treatments! I need to try these.  I microwave a little olive oil and apply to my hair. 


I really don't have a lot of curls.. 


I dont have curly hair :)

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Do you have any natural cure loss of curls. About a year ago my hair started thinning and almost all my curls are gone. Can you help? :(
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