Anyone that knows me, knows I'll go through great lengths for a perfectly smooth and frizz-free blowout. I've made appointments after work for crying out loud! But during the warm weather season I don't always have the time, the money or the patience to sit at a salon for thirty minutes or more for an extra sleek and long-lasting blowout. But how the heck can you avoid the poof and frizz that comes with blow drying your hair at home (during the summer)? Especially for us chicas with naturally curly hair!

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I took a trip to Drybar, a salon franchise that specializes only in bombshell blow outs. I figured who better than them to help me solve this frustrating problem? Puerto Rican hairdresser, Merii Maldonado didn't just make my strands look amazing (pictured above) but she also had a few tricks for helping me beat the frizz. Check out some of her tips below to help you get a perfect, salon-quality blowout at home--each and every time!

Use the right products: Merii started off by washing my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo to help prevent dryness and dullness. She followed with a light-weight moisturizing conditioner that deeply hydrated my hair without weighing it down. Then applied Hot Toddy Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter ($33), an ultra-light heat protective product that protects your hair from heat-damage while fighting frizz.

Divide hair into sections: My hair was then divided into sections using hair clips. This makes it easy to target those trouble spots like the back of the crown (especially if you have curly hair). Use clips like TS-2 Rubber Big Mouth Pro Styling Clips ($10).

Choose your dryer wisely: To avoid heat-damage or a burning scalp, Merii recommends using an ionic blow dryer, like Sephora Collection Blast Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer ($80). It dries hair faster and leads to less frying time.

Tame frizz & unruly pieces with the right brush: Merri blew out sections of my hair using  Drybar Full Pint Medium Round Brush ($40). This is what makes the difference between a sleek blowout and a super obvious at-home job.

ALWAYS use the nozzle: Merri had a nozzle attached to her blowdryer the entire time and made sure to use force when she was blow drying each section of my curly hair straight. That and high-heat settings is the trick to a glossy blowout.

Seal the deal: To prevent my hair from frizzing up later, she applied a pea-sized amount of hair serum to my ends. Try John Frieda Frizz-Ease Expert Finishing Polishing Serum ($10).

How easy was that?

Image via Johanna Ferreira

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Add Comment How do you perfect your at-home blowout?

The weather is warming up and I need to get some frizz-ease

I learned how to do it because I ran a beauty and barbershop business a while bck and learned alot of things


I haven't perfected it.  I will take keep these tips in mind next time I do it. Thanks! 


Great tips Im going to take note because my hair gets frizzy

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