I'm definitely not one of those girls who has a problem leaving their house without makeup. If anything I love giving my skin a break and a chance to breathe. But there are definitely a few occasions I'd never go bare-faced to. A Saturday night out, a day out with my suegra (you gotta stay on point when you're around the in-laws), a job interview and of course--my wedding day! So I was shocked when I heard about how one bride went BEYOND and did the absolutely unthinkable on her big day!


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The bride decided to show up to her own wedding without a trace of makeup on her face!

Carolyn Markey shared with HuffPost live why she chose to go bare-faced on the big day. "I don't normally wear makeup so when I was thinking about my wedding, I really didn't want to not recognize myself," she told HuffPost Live. "Because whenever I do sometimes wear makeup, I look really weird and I don't think I look like myself. So I wanted to make sure I was comfortable in my own skin ... I just wanted to be as natural as possible."

I agree with Carolyn, in that I definitely think that you should look as natural as possible on your wedding. But I don't think that means you actually have to ditch the makeup. Sorry, but I'm not willing to walk down the aisle with mascara-free lashes and little manchas. So I spoke to makeup artist and mom-of-two Liza Almodovar (who also happens to be my prima!) on how to create a natural makeup look for your wedding whether you're getting it done professionally or going DIY!

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