Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has finally done the unimaginable. The 28-year-old Ukrainian model (who's definitely missing a few screws) has for the first time EVER posted pictures of herself without that crazy cartoonish makeup she normally has on. Not too sure what inspired her to do this, but I have to admit, she looks a lot more human. Check the photos out for yourself!


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Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Valeria has had a crapload of plastic surgery done. There's nothing natural about that face or that unbelievably tiny waist. But the girl looks a lot less like Barbie without all those layers of makeup on, which proves she has some serious makeup skills. Instead of aiming to live her life like a real-life Barbie doll, homegirl should really consider becoming a costume makeup artist or something. It would definitely make for better use of her time, don't you think?

Despite the fact that Valeria looks more like an actual human being than a Barbie doll without makeup, that doesn't make her crazy obsession any less concerning. Seriously, she lives on air and light to keep her figure. How dysfunctional is that? And she's even blamed "race-mixing" for the rise in plastic surgery today. I'm telling you, this woman has a warped view of beauty and the world in general. It's straight up disturbing!

It sort of makes you wonder, what kind of childhood trauma did Valeria experience as a kid to make her want to look like a human Barbie? Sad thing is, she probably looked perfectly fine before all the plastic surgery, drastic weight loss and layers of caked-on makeup!

Check out some of her other makeup-free shots!

Image via Valeria Lukyanova/ Facebook

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