Bargain basement plastic surgery claims ANOTHER mom's life!

The amount of plastic surgery deaths happening in Dominican Republic is really starting to scare me. Remember that 28-year-old mom from the Bronx who recently died while getting a tummy tuck and liposuction at a clinic in Santo Domingo? Apparently her story inspired the mother of another victim to speak up about what happened to her daughter. Maurisa Hunte, a mother from Hempstead, Long Island, died on February 19 during a minor breast reduction surgery done in the Dominican Republic. Her mother, Ancilla Akinyooye, is livid!


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"When I read about what happened to that girl Beverly, so similar to how my daughter Maurisa died, I realized I have got to speak up to warn other women," Akinyooye told the Daily News. Hunte had traveled to Dominican Republic to get her breasts done after discovering how cheap their plastic surgery rates were. But like many other women who have gone there for affordable procedures, her surgery went horribly wrong.

According to her family, shortly after doctors at the Centro Medico Constitucion in San Cristobal administered a lethal dose of adrenaline into her system, Hunte suffered a massive heart attack. "The authorities told me that doctors had given Maurisa five vials of adrenaline during the surgery. I don't know why they were doing that, but it killed her," Akinyooye said.

Like Beverly Brignoni, Hunte was also in perfect health before undergoing surgery. So of course, Akinyooye filed a suit againt Centro Medico and made sure to name the three doctors at the clinic who had treated her daughter. But the lead surgeon who operated on Hunte as well as the clinic, settled in court this past December for less than $100,000 refusing to admit they did anything wrong.

Akinyooye, who works as a registered nurse in Florida, flew out to San Cristobal immediately after learning about her daughter's death. She claims that the first thing she did was ask for her daughter's medical chart. But get this: There was no EKG readout attached, which is completely not standard procedure! "I asked the doctor where it was, because it's customary to monitor the heart during surgeries. He told me that the EKG machine had run out of paper," she said. Are you kidding me?

This is such a terrible situation and my heart really goes out to Hunte's and Brignoni's families. There are clearly illegal things going on in these plastic surgery clinics in Dominican Republic and people really need to be cautious. So PLEASE, girl, if you're considering getting a procedure there reconsider or at LEAST do your homework!

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