My fiance thinks I'm obsessed with having my picture taken. Every time we're out and about, I have him snapping away (especially if I have on a cute new outfit!). But what he doesn't get is that it takes a few takes before I finally find a shot that actually flatters me. I can be having the best hair day ever, my makeup could be flawless and my outfit on point, and somehow the camera still finds a way to highlight my most pesky imperfections. It drives me nuts!


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So if it's the cameras fault, how come some celebs like Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Alba always look perfect in pictures no matter what? Want to know their secret? It's simple, these ladies just know how to pose. They know what lightening to stand in and what angles work best for them. That's really all it is. Want to take pics like a star? Check out my guideline on fool-proof tips for your best photos ever--and I'm NOT talking selfies!

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