Sofia Vergara gets the makeover from hell from Ellen DeGeneres (VIDEO)

Yes, that really is Sofia Vergara living every Latina's nightmare in front of millions of people: Dressed in abuela's bata, makeup and hair a hot mess. Pobrecita, was she attacked? Should we be worried? Na, it was all in the name of good fun (and let's face it, excellent publicity for her boss, Covergirl) that Sofia looks like Cepillín.

Sofia joined fellow Covergirl spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres on her show yesterday and Ellen gave the Modern Family stunner the makeover from hell. We can't even decribe it, you just have to watch.


Damn, the girl just ate foundation! And we are pretty sure a whole lipstick. And was the boob grab really necessary? Sofia, talk about suffering for your job!

What I think is most horrifying about this whole thing is she still looks freaken hot! She is so beautiful that even a coat of purple bronzer can't make her look bad. And I am pretty sure my grandmother was about 40 when she started wearing housecoats and no way she ever looked that good in one and my abuela was some hot stuff.

But this is why we love her so much--anything for the laugh (and we do mean anything).

Would you ever allow yourself to look this bad in public?

Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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