Easter nail art ideasEaster is coming my loves! Perhaps you are a tad on the too old side to get an Easter basket, but that doesn't mean you can't get into the spirit of the holiday and show some cotton-tail pride and do your nails all cute at the same time. I did a little Easter-inspired nail art hunting online and found some totes adorbs options.

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Here are ten Easter-ific nail art designs that will get you hoppin'!

Chickadees 1


Image via amartens/Pinterest

Aww, look at these cute little just hatched chicks. I love them!


Speckled 2


Image via fashiondiva3/Pinterest

This design is awesome. It's hard to tell the speckled nails apart from the speckled eggs.


Pastels 3


Image via sahinfrancis51/Pinterest

Easter nails don't get any easier than this! Even an artless nail painter like myself can handle solid pastel colors on each nail. Easy does it.

Bunny 4


Image via vesi/Pinterest

Of course the ubiquiotus Easter bunny is bound to make an appearance on nail art. I love this bunny because it is on a black background.


Mas bunnies 5

Mas bunnies

Image via nailsandpolish/Pinterest

The colors on these nails are so subdued and soothing, maybe that's why the bunnies appear to be taking a nap.


Dotted delight 6

Dotted delight

Image via fashiondiva3/Pinterest

These dotted spirals are perfect if you're not into an overt Easter design.


A bit of glitter 7

A bit of glitter

Image via jaimacook/Pinterest

I'm one of those people that thinks everything is better with glitter. Easter pink and blue with a glitter surprise is right up my alley.

Tootsies 8


Image via nailartgallery/Pinterest

I actually like doing my toenails more than the nails on my hands because my work lasts longer. Easter decorated tootsies will look great in sandals.



Claw 9


Image via celinakyles/Pinterest

Ha, this nail art cracks me up because if someone makes you mad enough to show them your claws, they'll get the bunny!

Glitter-ific 10


Image via ivbrigitte/Pinterest

Surely this is an Easter glitter miracle. I mean look at those nails! They look divine.