Latina mom pays ultimate price for cheap plastic surgery in Dominican Republic

Is it me or is everyone going to Dominican Republic these days to get plastic surgery? Apparently the procedures there are a lot cheaper than they are here in the U.S., but the problem is that they aren't always safe.

A 28-year-old mom from New York recently made a trip out there to get a tummy tuck and liposuction at a clinic in Santo Domingo. But the surgery went horribly wrong...


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Beverly Brignoni underwent gastric bypass surgery about a year ago and lost around 80 pounds. She was looking to improve her figure now with a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery. Brignoni paid the clinic $6,300 upfront for the three procedures but suddenly decided not to have her breasts done and was expecting a partial refund. So far no one knows what exactly went wrong, but she wound up suffering from a massive pulmonary embolism while getting the tummy tuck and liposuction.

Her family is totallyconfused about her death. "We want to know exactly what happened, Brigoni's godmother, Bernadette Lamboy told local authorities. "We want to know if there was negligence." Brigoni had her surgery done at the Vista del Jardin Medical Center located in Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo. According to reports she was referred by friends and acquaintances living in the Bronx, New York who had successful surgeries there. "Supposedly, it was a high-end clinic, one of the best in the city," Lenny Ulloa, the father of Brigoni's 4-year-old daughter said.

So here's where things get fishy: The doctor who performed Brigoni's procedure, Guillerom Lorenzo is certified by the Plastic Surgery Society, BUT according to reports there are at least 300 surgeons who work at the clinic who are not. Worst part is the government is fully aware of the problem and has done nothing about. This isn't the only sketchy clinic in the Dominican Republic. There have been a number of cases where women have either died, been disfigured or suffered from serious bacterial infections after getting cosmetic procedures in the DR. Just this past February a clinic known as "Efecto Brush" was closed for operating without a license!

Santo Domingo's district attorney's office is waiting for the family to file a formal  complaint so they can begin the investigation behind Brigoni's death and I hope they find some answers. Let this serve as a warning to other women considering getting cheap  plastic surgery abroad. It's NOT worth it chicas!

Image via Beverly Brignoni/Facebook

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