Everything you need to know before getting hair extensions

Kim Kardashian recently got the cutest shoulder-length haircut, but I knew it was only a matter of time before she'd put in extensions. I honestly don't understand it. The fresh new cut made her look chic and classy. I loved it so much I was considering getting it myself. But I guess Kim wasn't really ready to part from those long, luscious locks. Here's the thing about hair extensions though: Not maintaining them well can do a number on your own strands. It can cause anything from hair thinning, breakage and even worse--alopecia (severe permanent hair loss)! Yikes!


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So what if you really want to give hair extensions a shot? You can absolutely wear hair extensions without experiencing any loss or damage. Here's what you need to know first!

Go to a pro: According to New York City dermatologist Francesa Fusco, who specializes in hair loss, it's not hair extensions per se that are bad it's whether or not they're done properly and maintained well. So the first thing you want to do before getting extensions put in is make sure you go to a professional who actually knows how to do extensions. Do a background check and see if that stylist has had the proper training.

Get GOOD hair extensions: Make sure that you're getting good quality hair extensions (even if they are a little pricey) that aren't just going to blend it with your color and natural texture, but that are not going to damage your hair follicles. Sewn-in extensions tend to be even more damaging than glue-ins, but I recommend doing your research first before choosing what method would work for you.

See your stylist often: If you don't have the budget or the time to see your stylist at least once a month for maintenance, then hair extensions may not be for you. You can also consider clip-in extensions, but look for human hair ones that allow you to style with hot tools. Also, keep in mind that these also need to be well kept and wearing them too often can also lead to hair loss.

Make sure they're not too tight: If your stylist applies your hair extensions too tightly let them know ASAP! Too tight hair extensions can lead to long-term or even permanent hair loss. And when I say permanent I mean once those hair follicles are scarred you won't ever see that hair grow back!

Let your real hair breathe: It's good to have your extensions taken out every few months to give your roots a rest from all that pulling and tension. Also, make sure you're constantly conditioning and treating your natural hair. Do deep condition treatments as often as you can and try moisturizing with natural oils, like virgin coconut oil to maintain strength and shine.

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