5 Ways to make fake lashes look more natural

It took me years to finally warm up to faux lashes. The idea of sticking falsies on my already thick lashes seemed frightening to me. Not to mention, have you seen how drag queen-ish some women (including celebs) look with those things on? I want to enhance my makeup look not exaggerate it. But is there actually a way to make falsies look more natural like Eva Longoria's (pictured here)?


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Of course girl! You can totally rock lashes without looking like a loca (or a stripper for that matter). After all, there are perks to these things. Not only do they make your eyes pop but they also add a nice, girly touch to any makeup look. Here are five ways to make fake lashes look au naturale!

1. Wear mascara: First things first, before even applying your falsies, make sure you swipe on some mascara. Not only will this darken your lashes, but it'll make it easier to blend the real ones in with the fake ones.

2. Get a natural-looking set: Crazy long and dramatic faux lashes are bound to look fake. Opt for a natural-looking set that's going to easily blend into your own lashes, like Make Up For Ever Eyelashes Strip in Natural Defined Black ($16).

3. Get the glue right: Spread a thin line of glue along the thread of each lash strip. Also, make sure to wait for it to get tacky before applying. Avoid getting it too close to your inner eye (that's an obvious giveaway), instead carefully apply to the outer corner of your lash line. I recommend using tweezers to securely press the strip down without getting it on your lid.

4. Conceal: To conceal any visible glue, apply black liquid liner right above your lashline. I recommend one with a pointed tip for easy application, like Dior Liquid Eyeliner ($34).

5. Finish off: I like to apply another coat or two of mascara to finish off the look. It helps the natural and faux lashes look more blended together. Try a lengthening and volumizing formula in one, like Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara ($20).

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