Easy tips to fix over-plucked eyebrows

nicole richie eyebrowsI've never noticed before how thin Nicole Richie's eyebrows were until recently. Just last month the TV personality and socialite attended the Honest Company's Third Annual Baby2Baby holiday party with minimal makeup and--I hate to say it--overly plucked chola brows! The strange thing is the days before and after that she was seen with her usual dark and perfectly shaped eyebrows. So what gives?


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It's all in the filling! I know women who have little to no brows and fake it with the most impressive drawn-on effect. But if you really want to get those eyebrows back for real--here's how!

Grow them out: If you've been over-plucking your brows for years it might take a while before they finally start growing back. To speed up the process try applying castor oil or rosemary oil using a cotton swab on and around your brows before bed. I highly recommend B Nourishing Brow Oil ($30). The roll-on ball makes for easy and neat application.

Fill them in: Just because you're growing out your brows doesn't mean you have to leave the house looking like a loca. Try filling them in, in the meantime with a brow pencil that matches your brow color. You want to make sure you're gently filling in the entire eyebrow and not just the bald patches for an easily blendable and natural look. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil ($23). Brush through brows with the mascara wand end of the pencil to soften the look so it doesn't look too dark.

Get them shaped: A great brow isn't just thick, but also maintains a nice and natural looking shape. Once you've grown them out make an appointment with a brow expert and have them shape your brows into the shape that works best for your face. High, arched brows don't work for everybody!

Maintain them: To maintain fullness, I usually only get my brows done every three to four weeks. I keep them clean in between appointments by plucking out the excess hairs with tweezers. I swear by Tweezerman Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer ($22). This awesome tool reaches even the most stubborn of ingrown hairs!

Keep them neat: Thick brows are beautiful, but the last thing you want is for them to look bushy. I smooth them out with a dab of lotion but you can use a brow gel, like Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel ($6) too!

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