I (and the rest of the world) have been obsessed with Michelle Obama's killer style ever since her stunning Jason Wu inaugural gown in 2009. The First Lady has been wowing the nation with her colorful dresses and perfectly sculpted arms (so jealous!) and she's never been afraid to switch things up. In fact, this time she's decided to make some changes to her hair and I'm not talking bangs. Mrs. Obama has gone blonde and she looks AMA-ZING!

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I'll be honest, when I first heard The First Lady lightened her tresses, I freaked out a little. She's wears dark hair so well it was hard to picture her with a golden mane. But to my surprise, she actually looks pretty darn good! The honey highlights don't just warm up her complexion, but they also help frame her face. It's a noticeable change that's not by any means drastic and it works perfect for summer. Don't you just love it?

Mrs. Obama showed off her sexy new 'do while visiting an elementary school in Washington, D.C. this week. I don't know what made her want to go lighter but it was definitely a good call. I feel like the subtle color takes years off of her face and softens her features too.

A lot of medium and dark-skinned chicas I know are so afraid of going blonde. They swear it would wash out their complexion, but The First Lady's new highlights prove that anyone can be a rubia. It's all about finding a shade and look that works best with your skin tone. Heck, maybe I'll go blonde too!

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Add Comment What do you this of Michelle Obama's new look?


It is a nice look, she hasn't changed her hair much it's just a bit of a lighter tone.

She will look beautiful as usual

its nor really blonde.. she looks ok, I think she is very elegant and pretty


fiu I really thought it was blonde, but those highlights look good.



I think it looks ok.

love it!

She looks ok

Michele Obama looks georgeous.
It looks good since it's not a drastic change
I like her hair it looks good on her.
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