biting nailsQuick, Valentine's Day is coming up right quick and my nails are a mess. Ahhh!!! Are you nails in a similar sort of way? Well, don't worry and stop biting them right this second because we can fix this ladies. Let the internet save the day!

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Here are six nail art ideas for Valentine's Day. Phew...just in time! And really, stop biting your nails already.

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Candy hearts 1

Candy hearts

Image via Pinterest

Candy conversation hearts are a classic for Valentine's Day. Love this idea from Hey, Nice Nails!


Sassy hearts 2

Sassy hearts

Image via teenagebean/Imgur

This is hilarious and I don't have a tutorial for you, but I'm sure you could figure it out. Perfect for the lady who is not havin' it this year on Valentine's Day.


Inappropri-hearts 3


Image via Pinterest

This clever idea comes from Nails by Lexie Jade and she calls them "inappropri-hearts." How appropriate!

Forget the conversation 4

Forget the conversation

Image via Pinterest

Not one for too many words? Just go with hearts like this cute nail art from Hand Candy.


Tic tac love 5

Tic tac love

Image via Pinterest

We all want to win at the game of love. With this clever tic tac toe nail art design you can guarantee you win.


Love story 6

Love story

Image via Pinterest

You guys, this is a love story in nail art. So sweet!