Blue lipstick: Worst beauty trend in history?

I'm all for trying out new lip colors, dark, bold, matte--you name it! When the orange lipstick fad first came out I was all about it and last fall I couldn't stop obsessing over matte burgundy pouts. Heck, I'm still rocking that look now! But I'm not really feeling the deep, blue lips that the models wore at Ann Yee's Fall 2014 Fashion Week show during New York Fashion Week. Did they really think this was a good look?


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I thought that black lipstick Christina Milian rocked back in December was bad, but this midnight blue trend tops the cake. Sure, it complemented Yee's black, white, and gray palettes but it made the models look sick--especially the tan models! It completely washed out their complexions and made them look like their blood oxygen levels drastically dropped. If runway models can't even pull off this look, what makes designers think us normal chicas can?

Don't get me wrong girl, I'm all about the bold lips. I've tried it all from red, fuchsia, berry, burgundy, and YES even purple. But blue? No way Jose! I'm telling you, NO one looks good with blue lips. Not even the most daring of celebs do, no matter how hard they try. Rihanna, who's so gorgeous she could go bald and still look incredible, couldn't pull off blue lips. Homegirl looked out of her mind crazy!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who loathes this new blue lips trend. Let's just hope it doesn't make it past the runway and into the homes of every day women, because that my friend will be a sad day in beauty history.

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