5 Ways honey can make you more beautiful

Every time one of my girlfriends asks me for a good beauty fix, I always send them to their kitchens. In fact, one of the natural ingredients I recommend the most is honey. This stuff is filled with goodness far beyond sweetening your teas and desserts. It does wonders on your skin and hair, and did I mention it also treats acne? Awesome, right?


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The reason why honey works SO well on skin is because it's filled with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Just make sure to look for a raw, unrefined version to help you reap all its benefits. Here are a few ways you can incorporate raw honey into your beauty regimen!

As a moisturizer: I love how super hydrating honey is on my skin. I add a few tablespoons to my body lotion during the winter time. It leaves me smooth for hours.

As a shine-booster: Honey doesn't just work wonders on your skin, it also deeply moisturizes and nourishes your hair too. Not to mention, it leaves it SO shiny. Try whipping up a DIY hair mask with one mashed avocado, a teaspoon of olive oil, with two teaspoons of honey. Apply it to your strands from root to ends and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing out.

For acne: My abuela told me years back that honey helps banish pimples. I didn't believe her, until I tried it recently--and boy was she right! You can apply it like a face mask or use as a spot treatment. It instantly reduces redness and inflammation.

For chapped lips: There's a reason why a lot of lip balm formulas are made with honey. That's because it leave your lips super hydrated. Try applying some to your pout using a cotton-swab.

For hair removal: Did you know you can give yourself a bikini wax using fresh honey? That's right chica, it's a beauty tricks that was used back in the ancient days that's becoming increasingly popular now. All you have to do is mix some honey and lemons into a sugaring wax. It makes it smoother and less painful.

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