SEE: Kim Kardashian doesn't look like this anymore! (PHOTO)

kim kardashianIt's become sort of like a hobby, that of following Kim Kardashian's looks and her frequent makeovers. I was surprised this morning to see that Kardashian apparently has had quite a busy weekend reinventing herself! It's something for which she has the support of a whole team: to help her with her diets, her outfits, hair, etc. Lucky! 

One thing though, this brand new makeover came much sooner than expected, no? Keep reading to see the reveal and tell me what you think... 


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I was JUST getting used to the blond locks she debuted back in September. Although I was never a big fan of the blond (in fact, at first I HATED it!), one does eventually get used to changes. With that said, I have to say that I am thrilled to see her go back "to her roots".

"I'm back," she captioned the photo below. To me, this is the Kim Kardashian we love. 

kim kardashian

By that caption, it would appear to me that she's happiest as a natural brunette. There is still a hint of the blond in there with a natural 'ombre', more natural than the 'ombre' look her sister Khloé Kardashian made so popular, but still... very much a brunette. Reactions to the new Kardashian have been positive and of support to her decision to return to her original look. I too will give her a standing ovation. I think she looks great!

Let's see now what she comes up with tomorrow to get our attention!

Images via Getty and Kim Kardashian/Instagram 

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