SEE: Woman's botched liposuction on her legs will give you nightmares

Liposuction is supposed to leave you with smooth, toned skin, but one woman was left with quite the opposite. Debbie wanted perfect-looking legs for her 40th birthday so she treated herself to the cosmetic surgery. But what she didn't expect was to wind up with a botched job that left her with craters and grooves all over her thighs. You have to see this poor woman's legs!


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It's been seven years since Debbie had the liposuction done and she's still walking around with lumpy legs. The poor woman went under the knife with hopes of improving her looks and wound up looking worse.

"It's not what I wanted or asked for. If I could turn back the clock I would not do it. I've been left with craters and grooves in my legs," she said on an episode of TLC's Extreme Beauty Disasters. As soon as she noticed the botched job she went back to her surgeon who assured her that nothing was wrong. "I was told it was just swelling and it would go down with time. I believed him, why wouldn't I?" she said. Poor thing!

But when she showed her legs to plastic surgeon Dr. Vik Vijh, during an appearance on Extreme Beauty Disasters for help, he instantly realized something was wrong. "Has this surgeon just taken out too much fat? Or has Debbie had a bleed in there or has something else gone on to allow the fat to die?" he said. He soon discovered that the only solution to Debbie's terrible craters was to actually inject more fat back into her thighs. It's the only way the holes could be smoothed out.

Dr. Vik Vijh learned during the procedure that the last surgeon had left Debbie's legs with "lots of scarring and complications." But by adding small amounts of fat all throughout her thighs, he managed to smooth out the skin in that area again. Debbi finally looks like her old self again. "I feel more confident now. I can wear a bikini again and not worry about what people are thinking if they see me on the beach."

Debbie got lucky though, not all botched plastic surgery procedures can be fixed. She got lipo for slimmer thighs and wound up with ones like when she first started. Goes to show that sometimes you just have to be happy with what your mamá gave you!

Image via Thinkstock, TLC

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