Breast deodorant & 6 other weird beauty products you've probably never heard of!

I'm pretty up to date when it comes to new beauty products, but what in the world is breast deodorant? Apparently, some women sweat a lot on their breasts. So a few clever companies finally came up with a quick fix--because who wants to sweat through their bra or shirt all day? Deodorant for your breasts literally blocks the sweat from leaving your skin. Pretty genius, right?


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I've met plenty of women with this problem, and it's actually not as uncommon as you think. Plus, I think it's fair to say that most of us probably do experience a sweaty chest while hitting up the gym. And let's face it, a wet sports bra in public is far from being cute. I guess you could say this thing is pretty life-changing (that is if it actually works). I definitely wouldn't be afraid to give it a shot. The Fresh Body Fresh Breasts ($12) looks the most promising.

I'd like to say this is the weirdest beauty product out there, but it's totally not. In fact, there are a quite a few bizarre beauty buys in the market that are actually worth exploring. Check them out!

Butt glue: Tired of picking at your wedgy? Then you might want to invest in some butt glue. Well it's actually Firm Grip Spray ($14). But, butt glue is what they're calling it. It keeps your panties and bikini bottoms in place.

Henna 'N' Placenta: The Henna 'N' Placenta Conditioning Treatment ($3) literally includes bovine placenta to help repair and strengthen dry, brittle, lifeless hair. Weird, but possibly worth trying?

Deo Perfume Candy: I'm not sure I'm interested in giving the Deo Perfume Candy ($5) a chance. It's candy that's supposed to leave your skin smelling like roses. In other words, edible deodorant!

Lush Caca Hair Dye Lush's Caca Hair Hennas ($26) guarantees you won't find synthetic-free hair color like this anywhere. And they're probably right because I don't think any other brand would actually put caca in their product. And yes, when they say "Caca" they mean poop.

Finale Pinknipple Cream: Apparently our nipples aren't pink enough which is why one company decided to come up with Finale Pinknipple Cream ($14) to condition and lighten your nips.  Not sure that's going to look good with my naturally tan chest though.

Fun Betty Hot Pink Color Kit: The Fun Betty Hot Pink Color Kit For the Hair Down There ($15) is for the chica whose always dreamed of having hot pink pubes. Interesting to say the least ...

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