Buffalo humps will have ladies flocking to plastic surgeons in 2014

Plastic surgery has been popular for years but these days women aren't just fixing their butts, boobs, tummies, and faces. According to reports there's a new beauty concern chicks are having and it's called Buffalo Hump. What the hell is buffalo hump you ask? It's basically a lump of fat that gathers together behind your neck. It's usually a result of excessive weight gain, but other medical conditions and even medications can cause it. The thing is—diet and exercise can't really get rid of it!


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So how does someone get buffalo hump exactly? It can be caused by a number of things, from weight gain to Cushing syndrome, a condition that causes an increase in hormones (produced by the adrenal gland), osteoporosis, certain medications, and in some, just genetics.

Worse part is, working out and good diet won't get rid of it, which could be frustrating for a lot of women. "This issue undoubtedly leaves suffers feeling self-conscious and miserable, especially as it occurs in an area of the body that people don't usually worry about. A relatively simple surgical procedure can correct the problem, and restore the person's normal shape," a spokesperson for WhatClinic.com told the Daily Mail.  

Liposuction is the procedure normally used to remove the excess fat located in the upper back and neck area. And the best part is once the fat cells are gone you don't have to worry about them ever coming back. The recovery tends to be quicker than most plastic surgeries and leaves you with minimal discomfort.

But if you're really considering looking into this procedure, keep in mind that's it's going to cost you a pretty penny. Buffalo hump liposuctions cost anywhere from $3,500 and up in the states, depending on where you go. But if you're really dreading that "hunch back" look it might just be worth it!

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