Rumor has it Kanye West is planning on filing a pre-nup banning his future wife, Kim Kardashian, from having any more plastic surgery. Funny thing is Kim has never actually confessed to having any work done. In fact, she flat out denied rumors that she underwent plastic surgery to lose weight after pregnancy.

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So either she decided to keep things real with her baby daddy or Kanye isn't an idiot and noticed the transformation himself. So far, the only thing the reality star has fessed up to is laser hair removal and Botox which she's supposedly allergic to. But if you look at pictures of her over the years, it certainly looks like she's had some tweeking done. What do you think? Here's a look at Kim's drastic transformation over the years.

Images vis Getty Images

Natural Kim 1

Natural Kim

Image via Getty Images

This is how Kim looked when she first got famous. A natural beauty!


Before big butt 2

Before big butt

Image via Getty Images

Look how much smaller her booty was back in 2006. I think you know what I'm trying to get at here.


Big butt 3

Big butt

Image via Getty Images

A year and some change later, here she is with a big bubble butt.

Plumper cheeks 4

Plumper cheeks

Image via Getty Images

Kim's face started to look plumper around 2009. Look how full those cheeks are!


True definition 5

True definition

Image via Getty Images

The structure of Kim's face slowly started to appear more and more defined, with a thinner looking nose, hollow cheek bones, and stronger jawline. Maybe it's just really good contouring?

Botox overload 6

Botox overload

Image via Getty Images

Kim has admitted to using Botox before, and it's pretty obvious considering how much tighter and wrinkle-free her face looks sometimes. Her eyes are even starting to look smaller.


Nose job 7

Nose job

Image via Getty Images

Despite Kim's denials, I think it's fair to assume she's also had a nose job. Everything from the size, width, and even shape appears different.

More Botox and fillers 8

More Botox and fillers

Image via Getty Images

After her Botox nightmare, Kim claimed she would never get injections again. But I'm not sure I believe her because her face looks tighter than ever these days. I'm guessing she plumped up her lips too!