2013 Miss Bum Bum winner Dai Macedo crowned despite controversy

The judges have finally declared Brazil's 2013 Miss Bumbum winner and THANK GOD it wasn't the two candidates accused of bribing judges in bids to win! Instead, 25-year-old Dai Macedo took home the crown for the most bodacious booty and she couldn't be happier. The Brazilian beauty was chosen among 15 finalist who competed in the competition in Sao Paulo. I guess all the complaints regarding contestants Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral really made judges think twice before choosing their winner. Check out Dai's impressive booty below!


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Last month every Brazilian reporter and their mother was complaining about how Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral bribed judges with thousands of dollars for the coveted Miss Bumbum crown. The results hadn't even been announced yet, but a few other competitors, including Dai Macedo herself, decided to put the cheating chicas on blast! Eliana supposedly paid judges around $32,000 for second place, while Mari paid even more to be the competition's winner.

And to make matters worse, many of the contestants also believed that Mari's big booty was actually enhanced by plastic surgery, which would have automatically eliminated her from the competition. We're not exactly sure what changed the judge's decision, all we know is that they ultimately decided on Dai as the winner.  And it was a fair enough move, because Dai seemed to have worked hard for her toned pompis.

"It's a lot of work, a lot of devotion," she told Agence France-Presse. "I denied myself a lot of things. No nightclubs. No sweets. I went to the gym Saturdays and Sundays." That's a lot of sacrifices to make just for your butt. But for Dai it was all worth it because now she's Miss Bumbum and pretty soon she'll be a big time celeb in Brazil, as most of the previous winners have become. She'll also receive a ton of big time endorsements too. I guess it pays to have a naturally big booty!

Image via YoutTube & 2013.missbumbumbrasil.com.br

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