I was sort of surprised when I heard that Jennifer Aniston chopped off her hair. Don't get me wrong--she looks great! It's just that the former Friends star has always preferred longer locks. But after I learned that the drastic new cut was actually due to a Brazilian Keratin treatment gone wrong, it all made perfect sense.

"It wasn't for a role. My hair went through a phase--I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react well to it. It's about two inches above my shoulders now," Jennifer told Elle magazine. This isn't the first time I've heard about someone who had to cut their hair short because it got damaged by the Brazilian treatment!


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The straightening treatment uses a combination of formaldehyde (despite denials from brands) and keratin that work to keep hair straighter, sleeker, and frizz-free for months. But here's what they DON'T tell you: The harsh chemicals many times can work against your hair, causing anything from thinning, dryness, dullness, and for curly haired chicas it can even destroy your curl pattern.

So how can you reverse the damage without cutting off all your hair you ask? Well there's a few things you can do, starting with changing up your hair routine. Check out a few of my Brazilian treatment hair repair tips below! And remember patience is key ladies!

Image via MailOnline.com

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