Miss Bumbum contestants bribed judges for the coveted crown of Brazil's best butt

Brazil's 2013 Miss Bumbum competition, an annual contest to find the sexiest butt in the country has sparked a scandal after two candidates were accused of bribing judges in bids to win.

According to reports, contestants Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral (pictured here), who were among the 15 finalists in the running, allegedly paid judges thousands of dollars in bribes for the crown. But since the results aren't supposed to be announced until November, other contestants have taken to social media to put these chicas on blast!


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Dai Macedo, Poliana Lopes and Sheyla Mell, finalists in the competition, are convinced that Mari Sousa and Eliana Amaral paid their way to the top. In fact, they believe Eliana, a law student from the northeastern part of Pernambuco, had paid around $32,000 to judges for second place. Mari, a former funk music dancer, is said to have paid even more to be the competition's winner.

"As you know Miss Bumbum already has a winner (not because of her own merits, but by other means). I want to thank everyone for voting for me, but we're in Brazil where everything has a price," Sheyla said.

"It's no longer a secret to anyone that Miss Bumbum has been brought and already has a winner, Mari Sousa, " Poliana added. I'm very sad because the result isn't deserved, and her bottom isn't the most beautiful, which in a serious contest would be more right. I hope filling her pockets with money makes her happy."

On top of all the crazy bribing allegations, some of the other contestants also believe that Mari's big booty isn't even entirely hers. If this is in fact the case, she would automatically be eliminated from the competition. But she swears that an X-ray would prove she has no implants in her butt.

Leave it to Brazil to hold an annual contest to find the woman with the best looking nalgas. As much as I want to sympathize with these other contestants, I can't help but find the entire thing completely silly. It's ridiculous enough that there's actually a competition where women are being judged solely on how big and beautiful their butts are, now to have two women bribing judges to win that title of Miss Bumbum 2013 is just funny to me. Is it really that serious?

As for the losers, it sucks being cheated on. But serves them right for joining such a stupid competition!

Image via Missbumbumbrasil.com &YouTube

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