7 Things you NEED to know before having plastic surgery

Although we know that there is more to life than looks, sometimes there are certain features you would like to change with the help of plastic surgery. Choosing to get something surgically done is a big decision that requires thorough research and a good doctor.

In case you've been toying with the idea of getting plastic surgery, these are the things you should know ahead of time.


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Whether or not you are for or against plastic surgery is a personal matter. For those ready to change a physical attribute, they should be well informed before doing so. It's all a matter of making sure you're safe and both mentally and emotionally prepared for this new look. 

Check out what you should consider before you decide to go under the knife.

Know the different types of material offered: For example, if you're intending on getting breast implants, you have the option of silicone or saline implants. You may want to invest in silicone over saline since the latter is known to break easily.

Research your doctor: If you are looking at a few doctors, before deciding on a consultation, research their credentials and history. You can do so by visiting the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

If you choose to go out of the country: Make sure to research well if you decide to get the procedure done in another country. There are "Plastic Surgery Vacations" intended to accomodate you affordably in other parts of the world as you heal. However, the risk is that it's harder to verify the credentials of your foreign surgeon and arranging a consultation or follow-up appointment may be difficult. 

Are you healthy enough? Certain health conditions can prevent you from being a candidate for plastic surgery. This includes if you're currently going through a rough time in life which can affect your judgment. Therefore be honest with your doctor about your medical history and overall being.

Be prepared for more than one surgery: Sometimes the first time isn't the charm and doctors need to go in and operate again. Ask yourself if you are ready for that type of risk and cost.

Don't be afraid to ask ANY questions: If you are set on getting plastic surgery, don't be afraid to ask your surgeon any questions you may have. It's better to be safe than sorry--especially if you're trusting them with your body.

Do you even need plastic surgery? Sometimes certain things we'd like to change can be altered without plastic surgery. Ask yourself if it's worth going under the knife to change or if there is a less costly alternative. Don't forget, surgery is STILL surgery and a life risk.

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