6 Ways to sex-proof your hair

Sex is fun, but who wants to mess up a fresh blowout? I don't know about you, but I'm sure not willing to sacrifice my smooth, sleek strands straight from the Dominican salon for anything--not even a good lay! And I'm certain I'm not the only chica that thinks like this. Of course we want to get down and dirty with our man, but no one wants their hair looking like a hot mess after!


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But then again, is it really worth screwing (pun intended) with your sex life, just to keep your hair perfectly intact? Well luckily you don't have to choose. There are definitely ways you can keep your strands looking great, your sex life active, and your man happy. Check out a few of my tricks and tips below to help you sex-proof your hair!

Absorb sweat: If you're having a hot and steamy session, chances are you're going to sweat out your hair. Try spraying a dry shampoo to roots before doing the dirty deed. This will help absorb any sweat and oil. Spray again afterwards to give hair an instant volume boost. I like L'Oréal Paris EverStyle Energizing Dry Shampoo ($7).

Pull hair in a ponytail: Want your hair out of your face? Then simply pull it back into a tight ponytail. You'll look cute now and later.

Use satin pillows: Cotton pillow sheets tend to dry hair and cause frizz. Try investing in a set of satin pillowcases. It leaves hair smooth and frizz-free!

Extend your blowout: Make your blowout last by applying a hair primer before styling, like the Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20 ). It creates a weightless shield that protects hair and keeps it looking great for days.

Wear a high bun: For bouncy after-sex strands, pull hair into a tight top knot. You'll have more texture and volume than you even did before.

Avoid missionary: I'd avoid any positions that are going to require you to lie on your back. The sheets will definitely mess up your hair! Get on all fours or trying taking control by getting on top instead!

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