Some crazy women are pulling out all their teeth just to look skinnier!

I thought I heard it all when it came to the lengths models would go to get skinny, but Fox TV's Meet The Russians reality star and model Katia Elizarova clearly proved me wrong. She recently revealed in a candid interview with The Times that some models tried so hard to look thinner they'd even pull out their teeth. Wait … what? I CANNOT believe this!


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Katia might have years of modeling experience under her belt, but that doesn't mean she finds the industry to be all glamour. In fact, she's recently made it her mission to expose some of the horrible things she's seen and had to face within the fashion industry. The 27-year-old claims that it's filled with nothing but young, vulnerable girls being exploited. But her biggest beef is with the pressure the industry places on these girls to look rail thin. So thin in fact, that's these women go through horrifyingly desperate measures to appear their skinniest.

"I knew girls who were bulimic, who used cocaine to make their cheeks hollow," Katia said. "Some girls pulled out their teeth to look thinner." Just reading that is making me cringe. Ugh! Could you imagine teenage models pulling out their own teeth just so they could make their faces look slimmer? That's sick!

I'm constantly hearing about some of the crazy things models and even regular women do to get super skinny, like eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice or taking HGG injections, but this is by far the worst one I've heard. The fact that these women feel the need to take things to such an extreme proves the amount of pressure that's placed on them to maintain a certain weight. And unfortunately this doesn't just affect them, it affects normal women who pick up magazines that feature these glossy "glamorous" models and it affects young, teenage girls as well. This is VERY serious!

I'd like to think we live in a world that embraces healthy body figures, but every day I'm less and less convinced of that. Because if we did, we wouldn't have a ton of women out there starving themselves to death just so they could feel "beautiful." The question is: When are things finally going to start turning around?

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