Whenever I introduce people to my abuela, they can never believe she's 85 years old. The woman doesn't just have a flawless complexion (smooth, even skin tone with minimal wrinkles) but she still has a head full of healthy hair. And it makes perfect sense considering how well she takes care of it. She's been using old-school Latina hair tips on her strands for years and believe me, if you took a few tips from her your hair would look fabulous too!


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Instead of splurging on pricey shampoos and conditioners, she treats her fine, straight hair to all-natural DIY treatments on the regular. She also tries to stay away from heat-styling as often as she can. Instead she uses those soft foam rollers from back in the day to boost up the volume. If only we all thought like Abuela right? Well who says you can't start now? Check out a few healthy Latina hair tips we could all learn from our abuelitas!

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