If there's one thing Latinas are passionate about, it's definitely our skin! Remember, we spend more than most women in hair and skin care products. Why not? Many of have gorgeous olive or brown complexions that tend to be less prone to lines and wrinkles. With that said, though we might age well, we definitely still endure our fair share of skin problems, like uneven skin tones, pesky manchas, and under eye dark circles, and of course, many of us also have lighter skin which brings with it other problems. So what's a chica to do?

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Don't stress! Luckily, for every skincare problem there's a solution. Sit back, relax, read on, and get the scoop on which treatments work best for common Latina skin issues!

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Treat uneven skin 1

Treat uneven skin

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Unfortunately with olive complexions or darker, come uneven skin tone problems. This is many times a result of excess time spent out in the sun. For a more even, and radiant tone, apply a color-correcting serum, like the Lancôme DreamTone Serum ($98) every morning and at night before going to sleep. Also, try minimizing your time in the sun and ALWAYS wear sunscreen!


Banish dark spots 2

Banish dark spots

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Medium and dark skin tones tend to be susceptible to melasma which can result in hyperpigmentation (or pesky brown spots). If your manchas are severe, book an appointment with your dermatologist who can provide you with a prescription to lighten those dreaded brown spots. But for milder conditions, try an over-the-counter treatment, like Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ($50).


Use sunscreen 3

Use sunscreen

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There used to be this common misconception that since our skin is naturally tan or dark, we can't get cancer. Wrong! Sorry ladies but despite what our abuelas may have told us growing up, we are just as, if not more immune to skin cancer (especially melanoma) as anyone else. So whatever you do PLEASE don't leave the house without covering your body in sunscreen. Try Elta MD UV Lotion Broad-Spectrum SPF 30 ($30).

Clear dark under eye circles 4

Clear dark under eye circles

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Most Latinas I know struggle with pesky dark circles. Try the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller ($10). This genius formula is made with caffeine and lemon extract that helps reduce puffiness and brighten skin.


Get rid of dark underarm marks 5

Get rid of dark underarm marks

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Constant shaving can irritate underarm skin, creating dark marks. Can't handle waxing? Try the Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant ($5) made with calendula and sunflower seed extracts that works to visibly reduce the appearance of dark marks while keeping you fresh for hours!


Fight stretch marks 6

Fight stretch marks

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All women can develop scars or stretch marks, especially after pregnancy but they're a lot more noticeable on olive or darker complexions. Look for treatments that are high in vitamin E, like Bio-Oil Skincare Oil ($8). It doesn't just prevent them from forming, but minimizing it's appearance too.


Stack up on vitamin D 7

Stack up on vitamin D

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Many Latinas tend to struggle with vitamin D deficiencies because medium and dark skin tones don't always absorb sun as easily. Consider taking vitamin D supplements or try,  Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads with Active Vitamin D ($32). They gives skin a nice glowy touch.