Emmy Awards 2013: 3 Easy ways to get the gorgeous, loose waves from the red carpet

We loved Sofia Vergara's loose, golden waves tonight! But she wasn't the only actress rocking waves tonight. Everyone from Tina Fey to Kerry Washington to Allison Williams was working some sort of soft wave. It's a red carpet look that surprisingly easy to recreate at home. 

This is one of my favorite looks to wear on an everyday basis as a matter of fact! I can even show you three ways to get this look without ever having to pick up a heating tool. You have to check out these lazy girl's way to get loose, easy red-carpet ready waves:


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1) Pile wet hair high up in a top knot. This works best if your hair is still wet because if you have curly hair it will relax the curvature of your natural texture and if you have straighter hair, it will add some body. Just make sure you get it nice and high on your head and that it's pretty tight, ala J.Lo's topknot. Let it dry at least overnight (sometimes my hair still isn't dry and I have to leave it for part of the following day). Then just let hair down, run some gloss serum through your hair and comb or brush out waves, depending on your texture. Voilà! Say hello to sexy bed-head waves! Bonus: Rub some leave-in conditioner through your hair before tying up your bun and you'll get even softer results.

2)French braid your hair tightly and sleep on it. This technique works on wet and dry hair! But french braids are definitely the way to go if it's waves you're looking for. I even prefer to braid my hair into pigtails if I'm doing it strictly for the wavy effect. This produces a bit tighter, beachier look that I love. If you have thin or straight hair, try spraying your locks with saltwater spray before braiding. For those of us with thicker locks, I love the way argan oil reduces frizz and amps up shine without weighing hair down.

3) The headband curl. I have to be honest, I haven't tried this method before, but it looks like it would work to me, and I'm always down to support anyone trying to find lazy ways to get cute hair looks! The Paper Mama demonstrates a cool technique using just a regular elasticized headband. She simply twists her hair in parts around the headband for gorgeous relaxed waves. Check it below:

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