9 Latina celebs we swear have fake butts!

After watching this week's episode of Mira Quién Baila, I'm more and more convinced that Chiquinquirá Delgado had her butt done. If you take a good look at her pompis, you'll see it doesn't even have a normal looking shape. If anything it sort of points out like a triangle. What kind of normal butt does that? Not to mention, I don't remember seeing her with all that junk in the trunk back in the day, plus all the speculation in Spanish language media about her surgeries makes me think something is up, and not just her butt. But let's be honest here, she's definitely NOT the only Latina celeb out there that's probably gone under the knife to beef up her booty!*

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In fact, there's a number of stars (especially telenovela actresses) out there that have been showing off butts that in my opinion are in NO way, shape, or form 100 percent natural, despite what they claim. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating or anything. They're for the most part really nice. I just want these ladies to keep it real. And I may not have any proof that they've have had plastic surgery, but these pictures below say it all. Here are nine Latina celebs we swear have fake butts!

*We have no idea or medical proof that any of these women have actually had plastic surgery, but their butts sort of speak for themselves!

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Q mentirosa...she was flat everywhere....the only thing that brought attention to her was that she had a cute face and a sister that looked almost exactly like she wishes upon a star it wasnt fake..smh...
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She definitely did..q mujeres plasticas..y ignorantes n9 sabiendo q eso le afecta en la vejes..ninel siempre fue chata sin nalgas...parece q si existen los milagros..smh
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I totally agree with u..ana barbara is another one whos always had a flat behind how obverse...these chicks r kray kray...probably sit in front of a mirror practicing how to convince themselves of the lie..smh
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I don't know what to say , but must Cubans have big butt , i can say it myself jjjjj .

Aww come on ladies, They all claim its natural. I didnt know you hit puberty in your 25's 30's or 40's Lol. I'm still waiting to grow breast and a booty. maybe next year when i hit 40. Lol.


He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar de cerca con varias de ellas y doy fe que tanto Chiquinquira y Aylin si tienen sus pompis hechas. Dios hizo el cuerpo humano tan perfecto que todo se supone vaya acorde en el cuerpo. Ver mujeres que son victimas de la vanidad es una pena. Eso de pompis gigantescas con muslos delgados y sin cadera es algo que se ve mucho y se sabe que es simplemente una cirugia mas en su cuerpo 

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yall just seem like haters
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Unless you are the one paying these ladies bills and being their lover, I don't see anything wrong with this except a bunch of jealous ladies. Mind your own bizz! lol
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Muy de acuerdo con Daniela Y Soledad viejas ARDIDAS Y envidiosas jaja, they're beautiful.
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