Kika's Tips: 4 Miracle solutions to help your hair grow, guaranteed!

What can you do to stop your hair from falling out and make it grow long and healthy? What products can you use to strengthen it? These are the questions that I get the most on my blog De Tacones y Mucho Más--and I don't get tired of answering them!

Thousands of women suffer with unhealthy tresses and even though there are countless myths and remedios caseros, I have to start by explaining that the major problem is the use and abuse of hair dyes and straightening/curling chemical products. Once your hair follicle weakens, the process to get it healthy again becomes much harder!

But the battle isn't lost. It does require, however, a lot of patience and the constant use of great at-home remedies and good products to keep hair healthy and shiny. Read on to get some solutions that will help you get back that long, healthy hair you've always wanted.


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1. Vitamins and nutrients: Everything starts inside!That's why I never stop recommending biotin capsules, which is a form of vitamin B, to nourish your body and stimulate the healthy growth of hair and nails. You should take one or two capsules daily, each 250 mg in dose. You can get these at any drugstore or health food store. One of my favorite brands is Nature's Choice.

Another great option I discovered in California are Viviscal pills. They're made of a special compound which derives from plants and fish called AminoMar, and it's formulated by a Scandinavian scientist. They also contain tons of healthy biotin and zinc. Get more info on these pills at and order them directly from there. You'll need at least 90 days to see the results, so keep that in mind!

2. Weekly at home mask:  Made with rosemary, thyme, and mint, you can prep it at home in your blender and a handful of fresh ingredients to make it more effective. The rosemary, thyme and mint are considered by botanical experts for their stimulating and antiseptic properties, and for being able to give hair volume. To make, I suggest you mix 1 cup of rosemary, 1 cup of thyme, and another cup of mint along with fresh plain yogurt, until you get a creamy paste. Hair expert Christo taught me to replace olive oil he used to use with plain yogurt; it turns out, the oil obstructs the follicle itself and it's really hard to wash out. Yogurt, on the other hand, helps hydrate and leaves hair bouncy and shiny. Apply the mask as you give your scalp a good, deep massage and let it act 20 minutes before rinsing out.

3. Nettle toner: Another herb well-known for its hair-improving qualities is nettle, which helps with circulation to the scalp. Its use will strengthen hair fibers and helps bring needed oxygen to hair follicles. Nettle also contains tons of vitamins like B12, pantothenic acid, iron and calcium. Before going to bed, massage your scalp with nettle toner, which you can make with its leaves if you can find them fresh. Boil them in distilled water for three minutes and let them rest for a while before straining. You have to leave it on all night as you sleep. A great organic substitute that you can buy is from John Master's Organics, and it's called Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for Thinning Hair. Find it on

4. Laser brush: Besides medicinal plants and healthy vitamins, there are various methods now involving lasers to get to the problem from the root. The Hairmax laser hairbrush uses photo-therapy to stimulate hair growth by concentrating on hair follicles in a focused, constant way. The brush should be used nightly during 15 minutes all over the scalp so that the light strengthens and maximizes blood flow to the area. Medical studies have not shown any side effects by using this brush frequently. It's an investment that is worth it and promises serious results. Check out more information and how to order at their site,

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