I'll never forget the first time I stepped foot in a Dominican hair salon. I was around five or six, and I was getting my first professional haircut. Mami had always cut my hair herself. Unlike the other hair salons I had been exposed to before then, this one was as vibrant and exciting as a Latino family party!

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In one corner hairstylists were doing client's hair and then in the other, the old lady who used to come in with a grocery cart full of homemade pastelitos, avena, and Morir Soñando. Then a chica with a laundry bag full of new Victoria's Secret bras and panties, and the guy who used to sell jewelry and watches straight out of his jacket. And let's not forget the loud and comforting merengue and bachata music playing in the background.

Since then I've been hooked to Dominican salons for more reasons than I just said. And don't worry girl, there are Dominican salons all over the country. If you live in a big city like L.A., NYC, Miami, D.C., or Chicago, you're bound to find one. Still don't see the big deal? Here are 7 reasons why every chica should visit a Dominican hair salon. Believe me, after you read this you'll be convinced!

They work with all textures: While most salons claim they can work with all textures, I've been to plenty that could hardly handle my natural curls. Dominican salons on the other hand know how to style everything from pin-straight strands to the tightest, most unmanageable locks. Why? Because Dominicanas have all kinds of hair!

They let you bring your own products: I've been to plenty of Dominican hair salons and I can tell you that most (if not all) of them allow you to bring your own products. This is such a financial relief for me because instead of paying 5 or 10 extra bucks every week on a deep conditioning mask, I just bring my own!

They feed you: When it comes to Dominican salons, one thing for sure you're not going to go hungry. There's always someone in there selling pastelitos, empandas, avena, café, and even arepas for no more than a dollar each.

They do the best blow outs: There's NO doubt in my mind that Dominican salons give the best blowouts. You can walk in there with the curliest hair and come out with the sleekest strands ever. There's something in the wrist flick.

They're affordable: Most places charge anywhere from 15 bucks to $30 for a blowout depending on your hair length or texture. A lot less than you'd pay at a regular salon. And if you become a regular (like me) they start hooking you up with deals.

They speak to you in Spanish: Even if they speak English, if they know you're Latina they'll automatically speak to you in Spanish. It's the best place to brush up on your Spanish-speaking skills.

They play Latin music ALL day: Most of the bachata and merengue artists I listen to today, I heard playing at my local salon. Enough said!

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Add Comment Have you ever tried a Dominican hair salon? What was your experience like?

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Dominican hair salons give the best blowouts ever ! And who wouldn't love eating a pastelito while under the dryer.
Best Ever !!!! in MI, KS, are one of the best!!!
I have super curly hair and dominican hair salons are the only ones to understand my hair!! I love my dominican lady!! I am so afraid to go elsewhere..afraid I walk out with butchered hair! Sitting under the hair dryer with my rollers and I get offered coffee and the lady with the empanadas walks in, so as the article stated, very true, you never go hungry!! Living in NY..I had my few of hair salons and than relocating to PA, I had to hunt down my hair specialist again..but I found my lady!! The best!!
In central Jersey, we always go to Perth Amboy for our Dominican blow outs. I always come out looking like Evelyn Lozada!! HA HA!!
About 3 years ago I attempted school for hair styling. This Dominican girl in there was a beast at up-do's! Some of the tightest curls and pinning you would ever see.

I want to go!  But I don't know if there is one in San Francisco or someplace in East bay.

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