WATCH this girl age into an old lady in viral 5 minute clip! (VIDEO)

Have you ever wished you could what you'll look like when you get older? Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello gave his friend Danielle a sneak peek into her future in a aging simulation video that has spread like wildfire across the web--and for good reason! The five-minute video, in which Cerniello emulated the aging process by combining photos of Danielle's relatives (both young and old), is visually stunning and unlike anything I've ever seen before!


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Though it seems as if it the clip was shot over the course of an entire lifetime, the truth is Cerniello essentially created a composite using pictures of multi-generational family that were all shot at around the same time. He then chose the photos of the relatives that had the most similar bone structure and used animators to morph the snapshots and make them as lifelike is possible. The result is honestly amazing!

The changes in Danielle's face are so subtle and gradual, you barely notice they're happening ... until suddenly she is significantly older and has gray hair! That effect is exactly what Cerniello says he was going for. "The idea was that something is happening but you can't see it but you can feel it, like aging itself," he wrote on his Vimeo page.

Well, mission accomplished! Check out the incredible video in its entirety below:


Image via YouTube

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