Our abuelas have passed down from generation to generation beauty advice they absolutely swear by. But that doesn't mean they're all true! While some of their secret remedies actually do work, other tips are simply put--just myths! So how do we know what's fact and what's fiction in the Latina beauty world?

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Well that's what I'm here for, to help you differentiate the truth from the straight up BS. Here are 10 Latina beauty myths we have to break. We've got to finally stop falling for this stuff!

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Squeezing your nose makes it finer 1

Squeezing your nose makes it finer

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Believe it or not, some Latinas really believe that if you squeeze your nose a few times a day it will become thinner and straighter, no joke! How crazy is that?


Don't cut your hair during your period 2

Don't cut your hair during your period

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I can't tell you how many times I've heard the hairstylists at my local Dominican salon tell their clients they can't get a haircut if they're on their period. Supposedly your hair won't grow. Yeah ... I'm not falling for that one!


Fajas flatten your butt 3

Fajas flatten your butt

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I can understand why people would think this, but it's absolutely NOT true. I have tías that don't leave the house without their fajas and their booties are still big!

Petroleum jelly prevents wrinkles 4

Petroleum jelly prevents wrinkles

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I've met a lot of old-school Latinas who credit petroleum jelly for their wrinkle-free complexions. It might actually work, but it could also make you break out. So why not use a less greasy formula?


Electrical fajas give you a flat tummy 5

Electrical fajas give you a flat tummy

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Remember those electrical fajas from back in the day that makes your stomach sweat and supposedly cause you to lose weight? Those don't work either! Stick to regular shapewear--it's a lot more effective!


Vicks VapoRub treats acne 6

Vicks VapoRub treats acne

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My abuela swears "Vaporú" clears acne, but it's nothing but a big fat lie! When are we going to learn that this doesn't cure EVERYTHING?


Fish oil makes your butt bigger 7

Fish oil makes your butt bigger

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Sorry ladies, but popping a fish oil pill everyday is not going to give you a bigger behind. Try squats instead!

The Brazilian Keratin gives you healthier hair 8

The Brazilian Keratin gives you healthier hair

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: Anything that changes your hair's natural texture is not healthy--and that includes perms and relaxers too!


We can't get skin cancer 9

We can't get skin cancer

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Unless you actually want to get skin cancer you better stop believing this lie that says because so many of us are naturally tan we can't get skin cancer! In fact, studies show that melanoma is on the rise among Latinos. So make sure you slap on that sunscreen ASAP!

Wearing your hair curly makes it drier 10

Wearing your hair curly makes it drier

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Growing up, whenever I would go to a Dominican salon and my hair appeared too dry, the stylists would always ask my mom if she was letting my natural curls air-dry or if she was straightening it out with the blow-dryer. Supposedly rocking your rizos often, dries and damages your hair ... NOT true!