There's a reason why I never show my high school year book to anyone. I mean NO one. In fact, I think I finally threw that junk out a few years ago along with a few other incredibly embarrassing photos of my teenage days. Like most Latinas, I unfortunately went through my fair share of ghetto fabulous beauty days. You know what I'm talking about. That's right, the deep, dark lip liners with clear gloss, long acrylic nails, and my least favorite of all--pencil thin brows! Ugh!


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But as horrifying as these trends may have been, we can't deny that we've all tried them! The truth is, once a new trend hits, it's hard for us makeup-obsessed Latinas not to want to try it--even if it means looking like a hot mess! Here are 10 crazy Latina beauty trends we'd all wish we could forget!

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