5 Skin benefits of aloe vera that you didn't know about

More than 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians called aloe vera (sábila) the plant of immortality. The Greeks used it to cure all kinds of problems. Native Americans called it the magic wand of heaven.

This wonderful plant has many uses, for health as well as for beauty, especially when we are talking about our skin. All households should have at least one of these plants. They don't require much care, just a little light and water once a week. The best ones for home remedies are those that are at least three years old.


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Check out a few uses for your skin that I'm sure you didn't know about:

1. It helps soothe minor burns, burns from excessive sun exposure, and insect bites, including wasps and bees. The plant gel hydrates the skin with ease and relieves pains caused by poison and excessive dryness.

2. It relieves foot blisters. Aloe crystals have an analgesic effect on the battered areas of the skin. You can put the gel on the affected areas. However, when using it straight from the plant it is important to make sure that you don't have any cuts.

3. It restores the healthy look of your nails. I don't quite understand how it works because the nails are dead tissue, but aloe is so powerful that it restores vitality to weak nails and the healthy look to the ones damaged by abuses.

4. It accelerates the disappearance of bruises. It has been found that spreading aloe vera gel on bruised skin helps circulation, and that's why it makes blow marks disappear from the skin.

5. It soothes irritation caused by hair removal in sensitive areas, especially in the bikini area. Whatever your preferred method for hair removal may be, the process often produces irritation. Aloe vera gel feels like a balm.

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