Look skinnier in pictures with these 6 genius tricks

Let me be the first to tell you ladies, that just because your Instagram friends look like their sporting 6-packs in those bikini pictures, doesn't mean they're actually that fit. The truth is, they're most likely transforming their photos with a few figure-flattering tricks. Believe me, I'm guilty of trying some of them myself!


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You'd be surprised how many clever little tricks and tips you can use to appear slimmer. I used a ton just this summer alone. Listen, with all the buffet food and piña coladas I was gulping down during my Caribbean cruise, there was NO way I could avoid a bloated belly.

So when it came time to take my vacation pictures I did what any smart girl would do: I faked a fitter figure. Honestly, you really believe those celebrity moms out there bounce from post-baby bellies to flat abs in just weeks? I think not! Aside from all the airbrushing,  they're using tricks to make themselves look a lot more in shape then they really are. So why not try them yourself? Here are six tricks to looking slimmer in pictures instantly!

Suck it in: Just because you're feeling bloated or struggling with a small panzita doesn't mean you need to forgo the bikinis. Stand up tall and suck that belly in before your picture. Let everyone think you spent the whole summer at the gym.

Change your underwear: Have a muffin top? Your undies may be to blame girl. Lose the granny panties and swap them for a pair of high-waisted ones with built-in control, like the Yummie Tummie Nylon Nici Body Shaping Briefs ($18).

Place your hand on your hip: My friends always make fun of me for always doing the same pose, but it really works. Try placing one hand on your hip while posing.  You'll be amazed at how much slimmer you'll look.

Wear a belt: Whenever I feel bloated I wrap a thin, stylish belt around my dresses. It instantly cinches me in and makes my tummy appear flatter.

Fake a tan: Even if you're naturally brown, a self-tanner can really make you look thinner. Apply a body bronzer, like the St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Shimmer Stick ($23) to areas lacking definition for a toner appearance.

Use filters: A little lightening could go a long way when it comes to looking skinny. So if you're not loving that picture, try adding a filter that's going to flatter your figure. It's like photoshop for your phone.

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