Kim Kardashian goes blonde: Love it or leave it?

What the hell was Kim Kardashian thinking when she decided to go blonde? The reality star hit up a barbeque over the Labor Day Weekend showing off her newly-bleached strands and I wish I could say she looked fabulous. But the new 'do actually washes her out!

Kim has hardly been seen in public since giving birth to her baby girl, North, this summer so it only makes sense that she'd want to switch things up. Even so, I'm not sure this is the look she should be going for. Read on to see her new transformation and let me know if you agree!


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Okay, there's nothing wrong with getting a new mom makeover, especially after giving birth. Heck, after everything poor Kim had to endure during those nine months of carrying, she definitely owes herself a little pampering! With that said, she should have gone for something a bit more flattering. Kim tried going blonde before and it didn't turn out so great. Did she think that wasn't going to be the case the second time around?

Let's be real here--not every chica can be a blonde. And Kim is certainly no exception to that rule--despite how gorgeous she may be. I'll be the first to admit that I'd probably look TERRIBLE with blonde hair. Like Kim, I have dark, full brows and thick black eyelashes, so the golden hue don't compliment my features.

The truth is, the chick looks best with dark hair. That's just the reality of the situation. If she wanted to lighten up her strands so badly, she should have considered honey highlights instead!

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