A couple of months back I decided to test out flexi rods on my hair for the very first time. I was surprised at how well these old-school, bendable sticks curled my hair. And was excited to hear that they were making a comeback this year. But apparently they aren't the only old-school hair tools that are having a moment. Everything from 90s-inspired scrunchies, to those sophisticated hot roller sets your abuela swears by, and even hair crimpers (believe it or not) are back in style this fall. Who would have known?

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I don't know about you, but I'm psyched about these old-school tools suddenly popping up again! Scrunchies don't crease your hair, hot rollers boost volume, and flexi rods create perfect curls. I could probably do without the hair crimper, though. In any case, have fun this fall with a few of these other hair throwbacks!

Image via Americanapparel.net

Wide fabric headbands 1

Wide fabric headbands

Image via Target.com

Have a bad hair day? These old school bands make the perfect pick-me-up. For a modern take, pull hair into a very high ponytail or bun. Then slip on the headband and secure with spray. Try Goody Wide Fabric Headwraps ($6).


Scrunchie 2


Image via Americanapparel.net

Unlike your regular hair elastics, these don’t leave a crease. Plus they come in a variety of fun patterns and colors. Try American Apparel Cotton Scrunchie in Red Black Afrika ($6).


Hot rollers 3

Hot rollers

Image via Walmart.com

You gotta love hot rollers. They give you gorgeous, voluminous hair in just minutes! Try Conair Jumbo Ion Shine Instant Heat Soft Hair Setter ($29).

Crimper 4


Image via Macys.com

It might not be your thing, but you’ll certainly get some volume and texture out of it. Try Bed Head Crimper Ceramic Deep Waver ($28).


Brooch 5


Image via Anthropologie.com

I can’t think of an easier way to polish up your strands than with a jewel hair brooch. Try Anthropologie Victoria Brooch Barrette ($28).


Flexi rods 6

Flexi rods

Image via Target.com

These super flexible curling rods give you perfect spirals without the heat damage. Put them in overnight and wake up with bouncy, frizz-free rizos! Try Goody Start Style Finish Spiral It Out Flexible Rod Rollers ($15).